Raised toilet seats as toilet raisers or elevated toilet seats are disability aids or designed for seniors, elderly and disabled users who find it difficult to use a regular toilet because of problems with their leg muscles or their knees.

A raised toilet seat can be simply installed on a regular toilet in order to increase the height of the toilet thus allowing the user to get on and off the toilet seat more easily. This is because a raised toilet seat reduces the distance that a user has to cover in order to get on and off the toilet seat.


A great toilet aid or an independent living aid as it saves the user from installing a new disabled or accessible toilet suite which can be a much more expensive option.

And most importantly, it allows the user to maintain their independence and dignity within the bathroom.


Here are a few points that you need to consider before purchasing a raised toilet seat:

The Type of Raised Toilet Seat: There are many different types of raised toilet seats available including:

  • Portable Raised Toilet Seats: These type of elevated toilet seat is a good option when the user is experiencing a temporary disability due to an injury and can be simply placed over the toilet pan and removed when not needed.
  • Raised Toilet Seats with Screws or Locking Mechanism: This is a longer-term option for users with a permanent disability as this type of a raised toilet seat can be fitted on the toilet pan using screws or a similar locking mechanism.
  • Raised Toilet Seats With Arms: For users with weak leg muscles or knee problems who require that extra support to get on and off the toilet seat, a raised toilet seat with arms is an excellent option. These seats usually come with built-in padded arms on either side of the seat and can come in as both lock-in and portable options.

The Height of the Raised Toilet Seat: The most important consideration while purchasing raised toilet seats is the height or elevation of the seat. You can find raised toilet seats with different heights ranging from 50 mm to 120 mm. It is important that a user tests a raised toilet seat prior to purchasing one as they need to feel comfortable while in a seating position with their feet firmly placed on the floor.

The Construction Material of the Raised Toilet Seat: Another important consideration is the construction material of the raised toilet seat. Options include plastic seats, rubber seats and padded seats made with vinyl. If the user is prone to pressure sores then a padded or a rubber seat are a good option otherwise a plastic seat is a good option as well. Again it is best that a user sits on a raised toilet seat to determine whether the construction material is the right choice for them or not.


The Weight-Bearing Capacity of the Raised Toilet Seat: Raised toilet seats can take up to 200 kg depending on the construction material. Make sure to check the weight-bearing capacity prior to purchasing one.

The Dimensions of you Existing Toilet Pan: It is best you take the dimensions of your existing toilet pan or you could also look at a raised toilet seat that has an adjustable bracket to suit most toilet pans.


Some other toilet aids that you could consider along with a raised toilet seat grab rails or grab bars, toilet frame and support arms.

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